The Council

Rainton with Newby Parish Council is one of 731 town and parish councils within North Yorkshire. Local councils are the first tier of local government, and although they have limited powers, they are the voice of their local communities and act as consultees and can influence decisions on a range of functions and services, from planning applications to Highways.

The Planning Authority is North Yorkshire Council and all applications are available on its website:

Rainton with Newby is an external consultee and can make observations or objections. The Council must take a corporate view and can only object on ‘material planning considerations’. All local applications are listed on the Agenda for each meeting and decisions are recorded in the Minutes. The Council always welcomes comments from Parishioners.

There isn't a Conservation Area in the village, although there are 14 Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed buildings in the parish.

The Parish Council is the owner of the Village Green in Rainton and is responsible for its maintenance including grasscutting and tree management. Its other assets include the bus shelter, the public benches, the sundial, the maypole and some of the village signs.

Rainton Map